It is necessary

It is necessary How many he tried to get rid of the anger, it will turn out nothing.

But it is necessary to it to realize that not his anger, and the child can either appease it, or ignore this feeling.

It is necessary to teach to redirect it the attention to the course of own internal energy of feelings, then, even if the his sister will be angry and further, it will be quiet! I call it channel change.

If the person changes sincere control and will leave from another's wave as we do, when we switch TV channels he feels absolutely differently.

He will simply be adjusted on absolutely other program.

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You need

You need In it essence of our work to carry out the spiritual mission to exemplify to our children of the correct relationship between the person and the world.

Extraordinary sensitivity and great wisdom is inherent in all children from the birth.

They chose you to themselves in parents do not forget about it.

They chose you, and their choice is true.

You need to reject only all representations that means to be the father or mother, and it is simple to be them.

Any education always means need not to do somethin but to be.

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And They are at war. River. And. the friend

And They are at war. River. And. the friend He at all did not notice them.

Certainly, speech of the child and now still at whom in bigger at whom to a lesser extent, in it meet causing ours smile pearls like the following We will go with you on two meters in the subway with change.


And They are at war.



the friend with the friend, the insect turns into bosikomy.

Having heard my story about to the desert in which grow unless saxaul bushes with sharp prickles it is eaten by camels Vanya calls the desert kustyny, being interested thus, as it is camels eat prickles without damage to the health.

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In our behavior

In our behavior Alienation and loneliness are included into our life.

Supruzhesky pairs even more often get divorced, and many young people in is general do not want to establish a family.

In clubs and bars it is full of people who sit together, and at heart feel horror but lonely.

In our behavior there is too much pritvora stvo, and our conversations are superficial and careful … We already got used to live together, but one by one, became isolated everyone in the personal bubble.

However all this is only an iceberg top, a part of more largescale phenomenon devouring society.

Somewhere amongthe last heroes and zazerkalshchik we lost the most important human property – social solidarity.

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Even more

Even more Many families carry out thenot numerous joint evenings in front of the screen of a TV vizor, and warm and penetrating family conversation pre in some cold terse answers with obyazaa telny additive Leave me alone! In inhabited quarters everything sounds an echo of children's voices, ever less a hideandseek and football, but more and more flickering of for curtains of screens with which one game replaces another more deafly … Changed not only a form of games, but also a communication quality of boundaries du children.

Even more often they admit growing feeling of loneliness, even more often have problems in society.

Here that occurs, when friendship becomes the ephemeral, virtual concept deprived of importance and real sense when the smart background or a planshetnik becomes the most important property.

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But it is not necessaryto

But it is not necessaryto No way!it is impossible to do for it lessons he should understandand to carry out of a task it is independent.

But it is not necessaryto assign to it too big unjustifiedhopes! It is important to rejoice to each small victorytogether.

Theft can become a problem at this age.

When small children take another's thin itoccurs only because they very much would like itto have and they badly distinguish that to them belongs,and that is not present.

If children aged so arrive years, most likely, say it that the childfeels unfortunate and lonely.

Possibly,it does not have society of friends or parentalcaresses.

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– Whether

– Whether And in it two instructors.

It is optimum.

– Whether there should be any one instructor who continuously is with children Or there should be a rotation – I think that rotation is necessary.

Certainly, to children more convenient one, but at the vykaniye limits, it creates certain templates which pass any day.

And we should cut the grass from under feet constantly small a forehead an eyelid and all the time to force it to collect anew from a mosaic its world, to specify orientation what direction how to position itself with companions, with the teacher, in new circumstances.

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