The child

The child Reaction of the kid to strangers The child quickly recognizes familiar people.

It distinguishes them on appearance and a voice.

As quickly, as well as acquaintances, it allocates strangers.

The child feels in safety at protection of members of the family, and strangers lead the kid to loss of this feeling.

They still very much guard and disturb the kid.

The child is perturbed by all people whom he sees not often.

To spare feelings of the kid, do not use a word stranger.

Explain to guests that the kid hesitates of new people.

Ask them not to address to the kid and not to touch his some time.

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But instead

But instead Other chastonaznachayemy preparations Dexedrine, Cylert, Tofranil, Norpamin, Prozac and Paxil.

When on the Indigo child hang up a label deficiency of attention DV or deficiency of attention plus a hyperactivity DVGA, it confirms its own feeling of that it differs from others.

But instead of being proud of the difference, testifying to the special vital purpose and spiritual gifts, the child accepts shame cargo on the shoulders.

Purpose of medical preparations puts the child before a choice.

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The dog pursued

The dog pursued There was I, and the nettle around grew, it was difficult to go.

To me flew up cock.

The dog pursued it.

This dog on the way overtook it.

I asked cock How it you to me arrived Perhaps from a hen house took off Yes, dogs jumped directly in a hen house, and hens got a fright and departed to to the owner.

I also speak to a cock You will go with me on fishing Then I will see you to the village in which you are waited for a long time by hens.

So, exchanging words, they go, acquiring fellow travelers.

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Crow Jumps

Crow Jumps The gray baby Who it.

, mouse Very much sings, Mother chicken calls.

Zhyoltenky the child Who it.

chicken Loudly barks, The house protects, The big squabbler Who it.

, dog As though to me the box Rhone went, Important croaks.

crow Jumps far, Floats deeply.

Cheerful kvakushka Who it.

frog In the sky turns, Cheerfully buzzes.

Landed on the bitches Who it.

bug In the sky lives.

Sits down and rises.

Shines in a window What it.

sun Rises at dawn, Sings in a yard, On the head comb.

Who it.

cockerel The bird black is turned, Carat shouts it and is angry.

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Atchildren Good sense of humour.

Atchildren good sense of humour, and they are constantly ready to show it.

Kids are ready to laugh and play before you as clowns.

Explosive character! Children can show discontent and irritation flashes when at them there come minutes of disappointment or chagrin.

As soon as the child will start to become angry, you right there will feel it.

Children often adopt behavioural reactions of surrounding people therefore do not forget to keep control of the emotions.

If you are dissatisfied with behavior of the kid, give it about it the nobility.

By the end of the first year of life the child starts to express emotions differently, than did it before AS the CHILD FOR the nd WEEK MATUREDDEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the nd WEEK of Change in the child which you can notice Physical development surely costs, goes can get out of a cot or an arena Sense organs and reflexes can hold in each hand in a subject and a mouth to try to grasp the third Intellectual development understands that speak about itSocial development there are tantrums cares of dolls or soft toys, can feed, put to bed, embrace them only one day dream remains Each kid is individual and can carry out some actions earlier or later, than it is done by other children.

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Show to the kid that

Show to the kid that It can consist of divanny pillows, small blankets and any other subjects through which the kid can creep or bypass them around.

Children with pleasure accept game.

Show to the kid that you want to achieve from it.

Kids start to represent the particles being in Brownian motion.

DEVELOPMENT STAGESI WEEKPhysical development leaning on a piece of furniture, rises and sits down Sense organs and reflexes starts to use differently the right and left hands Intellectual development takes subjects in different places and puts them together opens shelves and doors of lockers for contents studying experiments movement of round subjects; can throw a castor and watch a trajectory of its movement Social development starts to perceive distinction of floors tries to put on loves games, such, as a hideandseek, ball games throws a subject in order that the adult caught it I WEEKPhysical development makes travel along furnitureSense organs and reflexes selects from a surface very small subjects independently holds a cup and drinks from it Intellectual development learns words as symbols of objects; for example, when pronouncing muat can point to a cow can simulate voice intonations and a mimicry Social development avoids strangers independently I sometimes want to play WEEKPhysical development holds a body without support of hands, standing opposite to a support takes the first steps or simply marks time with support by hands Sense organs and reflexes surely holds hands and feet when him dress Intellectual development accurately tells the first wordsSocial development I declare myself before people around WEEKPhysical development falls down from a standing positionSense organs and reflexes knows a place of a usual arrangement of things can remove boots, untie laces Intellectual development can put subjects in cups and boxes Social development tries to ignore condemnation in the address shows understanding of fault I WEEKPhysical development can take an independent step without support can stand on fingers of feet can hold a spoon in a mouthSense organs and reflexes turns pages of books can remove socks and bootsIntellectual development can is long to talk in the language, simulating intonation of adults Social development can show approval shows interest to game of other children I age of the child horses of the th began the th AS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK MATUREDMass of a body of the child of kg of length of a body of cm CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Folding children's seat The folding children's seat can be used instead of a high stool at visit of restaurants and cafe in which special seats for children are not provided.

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Invaginatsiya If at the newborn body temperature rose, call the doctor immediately.

The treatment appointed by the doctor, will depend on the reason which has caused temperature increase of a body.

The ibuprofen or can be in certain cases recommended.

Invaginatsiya of intestines What is such.

Invaginatsiya of intestines this emboly of a part of intestines in an intestinal tube.

Invaginatsiya leads to violation of passableness of food masses on an intestinal tube or to complete closing of a gleam of intestines.

More often the invaginatsiya arises in thick intestines.

Emergence of a disease is noted at children at the age from months till years.

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  • Sometimes after impellent activity the child would like to drink.Modern shops are filled with the various range of drinks which you can offer the kid.Use information offered in the table, for a choice of suitable drink for your kid.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the rd WEEK the Child in movement To age of months the child, probably, investigated all space of the house surrounding it.Walks became available, making AS the CHILD FOR the rd WEEK MATUREDmy along furniture.The kid with ease creeps under tables and chairs, it appears in the most imperceptible corners of the apartment.It freely rises on feet and keeps balance, using for this purpose only one hand.
  • And another time Mother, what it for a sphere It not sphere, and earth.There and lodges are, and loshad, and .And mamusyaII the child looked at mother with with chuvstviye and fright also did not renew a question.We see children in rough manifestations of pleasure andgrieves when children differ from us, and we do not noticeoutwardly sharply not expressed moods silent zadumchivost, deep rastrogannost, bitter bewilderment,painful suspicion and humiliating doubt, inwhich to us are similar.Present the child happens notonly when skips on one le but also whenthinks of the life fairy tale.It is necessary to exclude onlyreally artificial children, senselessly the phrases learned or adopted at adults.
  • To them it will help to accept itself,And you to remember, whom you once were.Open the heart and imagine that everything that we speak the truth.Any part you doubts,Otherwise to you would not be at all it necessary to listen to all this.And this book would be not necessary.Imagine that you waken together with the child.Then you realize,That You also receive each gift presented by you.Then you will understand simple truth,That you are not lonely and is not separated.The child brought you gift,But you will not receive it,While itself you will not present it to the child.You understandImagine that you a single whole with your child.
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