Purely acoustical

Purely acoustical At development of speech hearing work moves ahead from distinction I hear not I hear to perception that I hear.

The acoustical perception passes the following stages from simple to difficult Perception with a visual support the child hears the name of a subject and sees subject or picture.

Auralvisual perception the child not only hears a voice, but sees the person and lips of the speaking.

Purely acoustical perception the child does not see telling and also a subject, the phenomenon about which speak but only hears a voice.

The purpose of development of speech hearing is seldom put separately.

Usually speech the hearing develops in parallel with speech imitation child not only attentively listens, but also tries to repeat heard see the section Development speech imitation, page Besides, the child tries not only to hear words and phrases but also to understand and remember them see the section Development of understanding of speech, page.

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Exactly Here also leaves that in the modern world alienation and loneliness became norm.

We got used to live together, but separately, becoming isolated in personal nepristupny bubbles.

Exactly today, when the science finds solving importance of strengthening of the relations, – notes from the vestny writer and the psychologist from Harvard Dr.

Deniyel Golman, – interrelations between people remind everything amplifying blockade.

In most cases the space of communication of parents with children is very limited.

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The illness

The illness Sting of a tick What is such.

Stings of pincers represent danger for two reasons.

First, at a sting the tick sticks the oral device deeply into skin of the child, extraction of a tick thus is required.

Secondly, pincers are carriers of a large number infectiousnd WEEK of diseases.

The illness Lima, fever of the Rocky Mountains, tickborne fever, tickborne encephalitis is only short list of the diseases, being transferred pincers.

Identification of a tick on skin of the child occurs more often during the bathing or change of diapers.

In certain cases, before finding a tick on a body of the child, parents notice the following symptoms reddening of a site of skin round a sting; body temperature increase; ; slackness, apathy; nausea; vomiting; irritability; difficulty of swallowing of food.

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Kids very much

Kids very much Your child, having absorbed all this, then, in the adult life, will not test depressions, loss of meaning of the life and fatigue from it.

Outdoor gamesIt is possible to play with the child impellent games.

Conditions of these games should correspond to possibilities of children.

It more often run, jumps, jumpings, etc.

The rules regulating actions of children, are simple and closely connected with a plot.

Kids very much love games with singin with the text.

The text of a poteshka, a son a humourous catchphrase defines character and duration of movements, serves as a signal to the beginning and the game termination.

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The small

The smallJoint a junction of two or more bones.

The joint has an articulate bag and articulate cartilages.

Thick intestines the part of an intestinal tube being continuation of small intestines.

In thick intestines there is a process of formation of kalovy masses.

The small intestines begin at once behind a stomach.

The small intestines are the longest part of an intestinal tube in which there is a process of digestion of food.

Nausea the disorder of digestion arising directly ahead of vomiting; people can test a nausea condition without the subsequent vomiting.

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Education To age of years it is necessary to expand seriously obsuzhthe deniye concerning close relations and sexual relations, to unite streams and to start to prepare in practice them for family creation.

Further we still will return to it.

Vail, K.

Samesex schools may still get a chance.

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& Younger, M.

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I left that

I left that I saw that lived a wonderful life with children we very much loved each other.

It is our love I carried away with myself on other party, testing from it the deepest pacification.

I left that meditation with new knowledge of what can be human life.

This message very much changed me.

My name is Arlen, I am mother of twelve years Abigal and fouryear Grace.

How I can explain to you who they are They light of my life; for the sake of them I keep the good fellow in the face of any struggles of life.

Sometimes they do something such, why hair to tear on the head it would be desirable.

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  • Sometimes after impellent activity the child would like to drink.Modern shops are filled with the various range of drinks which you can offer the kid.Use information offered in the table, for a choice of suitable drink for your kid.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the rd WEEK the Child in movement To age of months the child, probably, investigated all space of the house surrounding it.Walks became available, making AS the CHILD FOR the rd WEEK MATUREDmy along furniture.The kid with ease creeps under tables and chairs, it appears in the most imperceptible corners of the apartment.It freely rises on feet and keeps balance, using for this purpose only one hand.
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  • To them it will help to accept itself,And you to remember, whom you once were.Open the heart and imagine that everything that we speak the truth.Any part you doubts,Otherwise to you would not be at all it necessary to listen to all this.And this book would be not necessary.Imagine that you waken together with the child.Then you realize,That You also receive each gift presented by you.Then you will understand simple truth,That you are not lonely and is not separated.The child brought you gift,But you will not receive it,While itself you will not present it to the child.You understandImagine that you a single whole with your child.
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