How after

How after Thanmore we contrary to it concentrate onto themselves, instead of on others, that we suffer more.

After all the Nature stre to return all the parts to balance with the general, uniform system and presses on us, directing to the same purpose.

How after all to feel its force For this purpose it is necessaryto switch itself to an external mode from absorption on from giving.

if we stretch to each other threads of true love,on these to spiritual capillaries that force, on polny our life confidence and rest.

The person cannot feel a power of love alone – to itother people whom it will concern with any are necessaryI twist.

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In July, , acting

In July, , acting However there came already new millennium, and scientists still are not ready to recognize seriously that people possess real potential of development of ekstrasensorny abilities.

I believe that which are born today worldwide, will force scientists to recognize that was obvious always.

The old paradigm has no prospects, and she should leave.

In July, , acting in Denver, the State of Colorado, I spoke about new children before large audience.

I asked the young Mexican to show by name to Inga Bardor to the audience the ability to see palms and feet.

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At the end of day it is necessary

At the end of day it is necessary This work buis put to develop them the accelerated rates.

In effect, every day they can begin with reading the charter to remind everyone of the accepted obligation – to support love and interrelation between companions.

At the end of day it is necessary to sum up drawn for the last vre conclusions and to take out offers on new laws which are accepted by all society for the purpose of lifting over egoism to association.

It is desirable to allocate, at least, an hour in day on about judgment of those questions which are lifted by children, stre to improve the life and relationship in group.

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Semiboredom Boredom it is impossible, wait a moment, carefully, badly.

Boredom of the newdresses, constraint and confusion, orders and orders and obyazannost.

Semiboredom of a balcony and vyglyadyvaniye from a window, about are boomin visit, game with casual and improper that .

Boredom sharp, as an illness with high temperature,and chronic, with recurrence and complications.

Boredom bad health of the child means, chrezmeasured heat, cold, hunger, thirst, overeatin sonlivost and hours of a compulsory dream, pain and fatigue.

Boredom apathy, indifference, lowmobility, not talkativeness, vitality fall.

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– Yes. Here

– Yes. Here With interest having studied my autobiography and having asked properly on experience, he looked to me in eyes and told – I see, you study as doctor's degree It is good …– Thanks, – I politely answered.

– And still here it is written that you work learn tel at school.

– Yes.

Here already five years, as …– Than think to be engaged in the future – he asked, without having givento me to finish.

– In what sense – I did not understand.

– After all I am a teacher.

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Help with

Help with It is very important to teach to state correctly the child sequence actions and events that he tells.

Help with it can following some exercises.

Pull out from a box of pencils we will tell, red and dark blue and spread out them in a certain order red, dark blue, red, dark blue etc.

The sequence of your actions should be perfectly it is precisely defined by the child You put a box on a table, opened it, pulled out pencils.

Further he should tell that you did with pencils.

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But, apparently, our daughter

But, apparently, our daughter Grandmother Pat told You will teach me for zapovedano us to follow an example babies.

And on its sign Brian spread with the world over heart of the girl.

When ceremony came to an end, called from the obstetric center.

At us here only and conversations on how you from the infancy communicate with the daughter the employee told.

We thought, can, you agree to conduct occupations for future parents With pleasure.

But, apparently, our daughter will be the teacher on these occupations.

To give to the baby it is more than time, I even ceased to accept clients.

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  • Someone who would help it with it is necessary to it.He many times argued that feels that is master, and was perplexed,Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONwhy it is so difficult to claim for the knowledge and abilities.Christopher is independently trained in power healing it already treats people, and is quite successful.My grandson Heyven too not simple child.By the time of conception his mother had skin tuberculosis.This incurable, mortally dangerous disease.When to Heyven there were two weeks, they with mother laid down on inspection doctors were going to find out, how mother transferred pregnancy and childbirth and whether skin tuberculosis was transmitted to the child.
  • Sometimes after impellent activity the child would like to drink.Modern shops are filled with the various range of drinks which you can offer the kid.Use information offered in the table, for a choice of suitable drink for your kid.DEVELOPMENT STAGES ON the rd WEEK the Child in movement To age of months the child, probably, investigated all space of the house surrounding it.Walks became available, making AS the CHILD FOR the rd WEEK MATUREDmy along furniture.The kid with ease creeps under tables and chairs, it appears in the most imperceptible corners of the apartment.It freely rises on feet and keeps balance, using for this purpose only one hand.
  • And another time Mother, what it for a sphere It not sphere, and earth.There and lodges are, and loshad, and .And mamusyaII the child looked at mother with with chuvstviye and fright also did not renew a question.We see children in rough manifestations of pleasure andgrieves when children differ from us, and we do not noticeoutwardly sharply not expressed moods silent zadumchivost, deep rastrogannost, bitter bewilderment,painful suspicion and humiliating doubt, inwhich to us are similar.Present the child happens notonly when skips on one le but also whenthinks of the life fairy tale.It is necessary to exclude onlyreally artificial children, senselessly the phrases learned or adopted at adults.
  • To them it will help to accept itself,And you to remember, whom you once were.Open the heart and imagine that everything that we speak the truth.Any part you doubts,Otherwise to you would not be at all it necessary to listen to all this.And this book would be not necessary.Imagine that you waken together with the child.Then you realize,That You also receive each gift presented by you.Then you will understand simple truth,That you are not lonely and is not separated.The child brought you gift,But you will not receive it,While itself you will not present it to the child.You understandImagine that you a single whole with your child.
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